Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Barbeque

No Glam, No Fan Fare..just food, lots of laughter, fun, love and politically incorrect jokes :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

KL Hop On Hop Off Experience

School holidays is approaching its end, and I figured, I better do something with the children. An Ozmate's FB page sparked this interest to try the HopONHopOff bus I have heard so much about. Like always in the spur of the moment, after jogging with Mira, Mariam and Zara at KLCC park in the morning I decided, we must do it TODAY. I am so glad we did it. The ticket lasts for 24 hours, and will be valid till 1.30pm we are planning to hop on the bus again tomorrow.


We got off at Central Market to wait for the bus at Stop No. 9. It was quite a wait..but it was well worth it

And i didn't take any pic on the bus..or of the bus..fancy to get some from Mira :)

First stop was the National Palace..I was expecting some guard on horseback with some fancy costume..but it looks like there was nothing like that. Some form of renovation works was going on..everyone didn't get off the bus, but I thought, heck why we Hopped Off.

Some new guards..i think they have gone for ...gosh not even smart casual?

are they going for sweet and chic?

The Palace fence

We had half an hour to wait for the next we hung around a bit. After we got off the bus, a few people did was fun being the leader ;)

Then on the bus we hopped again..this time we had an open roof double decker. Cool.

Ahh I have some pics on the bus..

Next stop was the Museum..when was the last time we came here, I don't remember. The last photo I have of myself at the museum was when I was six, with my parents..and it was the same beautiful mosaic mural on the wall.

The museum was really interesting. Funny how you never notice the wonderful things you have under your nose, when you are so preoccupied with the nitty gritty of life..
I must come again..and take my own sweet time to go through every artefact.

The boys were totally fascinated with the vehicles - bullock carts, gharries, even the first proton saga model. Muaz was completely mesmerized by a green cart..aparently the owner charged 5sen per mile to his passenger..that must have been very expensive.

I had to take a pic of this scale called dacing (pronounced dar ching)..i remember when I was young and used to follow my grandma to the market, the fish sellers still used this device. I remember it was when I was about fifteen when they abolished it, because we switched to the metric system. Otherwise it was kati and tahil..

When we finally got out of the Museum, it began to rain...complete with lightning and thunder..the whole works. So we scurried for cover..and took some more photos.

We had to cross some uncovered area to reach the covered walkway leading to the bus station, and found this..this milestone was very familiar. It brought back fond memories of me trying to stay awake, while my dad drove to KL on the winding dual carriageway road before the existence of our wonderful North-South Highway. Everybody else would be asleep, but I will try to stay awake because I felt sorry for my dad for having to drive all the way alone. It used to take seven hours at least to get from KL to Penang or vice versa, only 4 now.

Waiting for the bus to go to our next stop

This was truly a wonderful stop..The Bird Park.

The moment we stepped in..there were birds everywhere..peacock looking birds, cute little baby cranes..female peacock, male peacock, half peacock looking birds, blue necked peacock, long tailed, short tailed, green necked peacock, peacock on the ground, peacock on the trees, peacock on the railing, peacock pissing on your head, peacock everywhere. ..and they are so friendly..they practically walk towards you. Couldn't help talking to them..i know..I must have looked like a crazy bird woman, but who cares. I was in paradise. I wish I have a book with me, and i will sit all day with these birds pecking at my book as i read..I don't care...they are just too lovely for words.

We even went to the nursery to see little chics hatching and touched baby chicks and cute little yellow ducklings...ohh why do they have to grow.

Then it was time to go home..we went out, waited for the bus,

and saw these poor monkeys. They looked totally famished, we shared some Super Rings with them. When Zara went back to the Bird Park to get more, the Park was already closed..poor monkeys..we must go back tomorrow with some nuts or something for these monkeys.

Totally exhausted, Muaz hugged me and said, That was a real adventure, mom. Thank you soooo much. I love you so much, Mom. He hugged me tighter and gave me a big kiss and dozed off right there and then next to me on the bus seat.

Later when we got off the bus at our last stop KLCC, Khadijah said..thank you so much mom. It has been a while since we did this was so fun.

Those words really put me in seventh heaven. It is just so rewarding when you are appreciated by your own soul..Thank you children for choosing me as your mom. ;).

That was all I needed..all my fatigue just fizzled into thin air..I was ready to go. Apis, Zara, Khadijah, Amirah, Adeil, Mariam, Huzaifah and Muaz..we all dragged our self into Suria KLCC and up the escalator to the Signature food court for refuelling before taking the LRT to Setiawangsa where we parked the car.

Finally, here is Muaz drawing with the feather he found....

Oh yes Children..we WILL DO IT AGAIN :).

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